Todd Akin Makes Bizarre Fundraising Pitch To Supporters

Defeated Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin sent an email to his supporters, saying that Jamie Foxx won't receive adequate shaming for comparing Obama to Jesus, so please send Todd Akin $10.

Todd Akin sent an email to supporters, saying he has bizarre priorities, and that the voters of Missouri were right to keep him out of the U.S. Senate. Actually, that’s only what he implied. What he said is that Jamie Foxx shouldn’t have compared Obama to Jesus, therefore, give Todd Akin money. Not joking. Observe:

Article after article has been written about a no-name filmmaker who produced a short video mocking Islam.

How much do you think will be written about an Oscar winning Hollywood star mocking Christianity.

Friends, I may have lost the Senate race, but I do not plan to stop speaking out about the problems facing our country, and I encourage you to do so as well!

Thanks for all you do, in particular your recent help in getting our last few remaining campaign bills paid promptly. We're making great progress on that front, but could still use your help if you can donate $10 today!

Let’s back this up a half-step. Todd Akin is writing to his supporters, asking that they still believe in the causes he championed as a senate candidate, and that they show this support by giving him money to help pay off campaign debt. And what does Todd Akin fight for? A balanced budget? Employment for all? World peace?

Nope! The shaming of Jamie Foxx. If you agree, you can donate $10 today!                                                                    

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