Tony Blair Discusses Gaza Goods Blacklist

"Israel has eased restrictions on the import of consumer goods to the Gaza Strip, relaxing its blockade on the Palestinian territory. Instead of listing items allowed into the coastal enclave, Israel has now created a blacklist, which lets in all items except ""weapons, war material and dual-use items"". However, the term ""dual-use"" holds an ambiguity that threatens the possibility of allowing in crucial construction material like iron and steel. This has led to much concern over the prospect of rebuilding Gaza's infrastructure that underwent widespread destruction as a result of Israel's military offensive last year. In an exclusive interview to Al Jazeera, Tony Blair, the special Middle East envoy of the international Quartet comprising the US, Russia, EU and the UN, said that the announcement was a step forward in efforts to rebuild Gaza. Speaking from Kuwait City on Monday, Blair said: ""Household items, foodstuffs, bulk materials like textiles and so on go in. ""For some constru