Tony Blair Paves Way For A Possible Return To UK Politics

Tony Blair yesterday paved the way for his possible return to UK politics with typical style. The former Prime Minister said he was a “public service guy” and would be willing to take up another post. His comments will fuel speculation he could perform a Peter Mandelson-style comeback if Labour returns to power. Mr Blair drops a big hint in the closing words of a passage of his memoirs. stamped Insisting he had to quit Parliament to avoid being seen as a backseat driver to successor Gordon Brown, he writes: “I decided I had little option but to leave the UK political scene, at least for now.” Aides of Mr Blair stamped on suggestions he would ever consider taking a job with the ConDem coalition but confirmed he was open to taking up a major post. And in an interview for BBC Radio 5 Live, Mr Blair said he would have taken the role of President of the European Commission if it had been offered. He said: “I’m basically a public service guy. I’d have taken the European job if they’d offered it to me last year.” He added he would be “perfectly happy” to accept another full-time public service role. An aide said the former PM was not interested in “standing for office again” but went on: “Tony still cares passionately about the Labour Party. “There are a handful of jobs in politics that come up. I’ve no idea what the job could be but Tony’s a public service person.” Quizzed in his radio interview, Mr Blair defended the way he has amassed a fortune since leaving office. Recent estimates say the former leader is worth at least £16million.