Hashtags That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year

Hashtag activism at its best. It would not be an overstatement to call 2014 the year of hashtag activism.

Top Hashtag Trends

The past twelve months brought dozens of important causes to light in the form of trending topics on Twitter.

While a lot of popular hahstags backfired or were either hijacked such as #BringBackOurGirls, #YesAllWomen and #MyNYPD, many others struck the right nerve with users. Following are some of the best of them:


Ever since the Islamic State (aka ISIS) came into being or, as they prefer to say, formed a “caliphate” in June, right-wing pundits in the mainstream media have criticized Muslims for not speaking out against the militant organization.

To tell the terrorists to stop carrying out atrocities under the banner of Islam, courageous young activists, led by Britain's Active Change charity, took to Twitter, circulating the hashtag #NotInMyName.

It had a pretty simple yet effective message: cowards should stop "hiding behind a false Islam."


“He For She” is a solidarity campaign for gender equality initiated by UN Women and the Twitter trend gained momentum after “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson gave an absolutely stunning speech on gender inequality at the UN Headquarters in New York in September.

A lot of celebrities also endorsed this campaign, making it one of the most successful ones so far this year.

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Alicia Keys

When Alicia Keys released her new song in September, she also made people think beyond their everyday reality and ask themselves, ‘Why are you here?’

Soon, the question became a popular Twitter movement #WeAreHere where people spoke about the causes they care about.


Ferguson protests

Ferguson protests initiated several online campaigns such as #CrimingWhileWhite, #BlackLivesMatter, #HandsUpDontShoot and #IfTheyGunnedMeDown.

 #ICantBreathe, which was created in the wake of Eric Garner’s chokehold death in New York, is also one of the most popular hashtags which has been endorsed by celebrities as well as sportsmen.


In what was truly a heartwarming gesture, everyday Australians initiated a campaign #IllRideWithYou, offering to ride on buses and trains with Muslims who feared reprisal attacks in the wake of the Sydney siege – which claimed the lives of two innocent people and injured four others.

It became a global trend within hours and highlighted the Australian nation’s staunch resistance in the face of terrorism.

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One of the most tragic attacks of this year prompted one of the most unique and heartwarming movement on Twitter.

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on a school in Peshawar, Indians expressed solidarity with the people of Pakistan on Twitter with the hashtag #IndiaWithPakistan. It was started by Indian columnist Tehseen Poonawalla to show support with the victims of the atrocity.

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