Top Ten Suggestions For The Pope's First Tweet

The Pope has joined twitter! With already over 175,000 followers, there will be a lot of pressure on that first tweet. Luckily for His Holiness, we have a few suggestions.

Some new guy on Twitter hasn't even tweeted yet, and he's already at nearly 170,000 followers. How did he do it? By following a simple formula: 1) Be the Pope. 2) Join Twitter. Pope Benedict XVI is the latest member of Twitter and the first Pope to join. The Pope's Twitter handle: @pontifex. We're still waiting on his first tweet, and whether or not he will follow anyone (other than himself in other languages). While we wait for the first ever tweet by a Pope, here are some suggestions for his Holiness:

            Ten Suggestions For The Pope's First Tweet

  1. To fit modern times, The Lord now communicates to me in 140 characters or less.
  2. Cruisin in the Pope-mobile. Don't know why everyone doesn't have one of these!
  3. Some guy I don't know just brought me caviar. #It'sGoodToBePope
  4. So excited that #Kate is preggers! Way to wait for marriage! If it's a boy, how about "Benedict?" It's what I named myself!
  5. I have been advised that Twitter is the way of the future. Nice future. LOL!
  6. Semper ubi sububi
  7. Unfollow me right now if you don't want any #Homeland spoilers
  8. I refuse to work with America until Tim Tebow is someone's starting quarterback.
  9. In honor of all the Popes who have come before me, and all of the Popes to come. To followers of the Holy Word everywhere. I have one messag
  10. Just took down the biggest ever burrito #LikeAPope
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