Tories And Lib Dems To Discuss 'Specifics'

Conservative and Liberal Democrat negotiators are resuming talks that could break the deadlock of the hung parliament and see David Cameron finally installed as prime minister. On Sunday night, The Tory leader held his second face-to-face talks with Nick Clegg in the space of 24 hours, meeting behind closed doors in Parliament. It followed a marathon session, lasting more than six-and-a-half hours, between the Conservative and Lib Dem negotiating teams in an attempt to hammer out a deal on co-operation in a new government. The negotiating teams are meeting again to discuss "specific proposals." However, Mr Cameron faces a potentially tricky meeting with his MPs at Westminster as he addresses them on the discussions. Many remain deeply hostile to the idea of an agreement with the Lib Dems - particularly if it involves giving ground on the crucial issue of reform of the voting system.