Toronto In G8-G20 Protest Mode

"G20 protesters clashing with rows of riot police, a tense standoff and a city on edge. Call the nearly 3,000 people who marched, many angrily, on Toronto's streets on Friday an appetizer. Organizers of today's demonstration are hoping to draw a crowd of 10,000. It's been advertised for weeks as the biggest planned protest of the summit. The fact that the world's most powerful leaders arrive in the city today after first meeting in Huntsville, Ont., could whet some anarchist appetites. A forecast of rain, however, could dampen spirits. As for the temperament of the crowd, today's protest at the provincial legislature is being spearheaded by labour groups that intend to keep it peaceful. But after Friday's angry clashes, which sprung from a march with peaceful intentions, the few hardy souls who stayed in the city might have good reason to flee. "