Tourists Stranded By Greek Port Strike

"Thousands of tourists are trapped inside Greece's main port of Piraeus, following a strike by dock workers against austerity measures.Normal operations in Piraeus, almost 10 km (7 miles) from Athens, have come to a standstill as workers led by the Communist-linked unionists in defiance of a government ban on strikes prevented passengers from boarding ferries, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday.Workers, media and hospital staff and employees from food and construction businesses have responded to calls by the labor group ""PAME"", which is backed by the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), to continue their 24-hour strike during Greece's high season.""Seven ferries with thousands of passengers waiting to board were blockaded"" and that ""nothing is operating,"" a Piraeus coastguard spokesperson was quoted by AFP as saying.The spokesperson went on to say that a group of around 80 unionists are keeping ships from sailing.Stranded passengers at the port of Piraeus chanted slogans agai