You Will Not Believe That This 45-Storey Building Is Actually A Slum

"The Tower of David" high rise in Caracas offers thousands of low-income residents a way out of violent shantytowns.

 It's called "The Tower of David."

Standing 45 floors, it's a high rise building overlooking Caracas in Venezuela. Upon a closer look though, one finds that the building is not even finished.

In fact, it was abandoned after the developer died. But on the inside, about 3,000 squatters have taken up residency.

"People tell us that this is too insecure and that it's really dangerous to walk in front of the building, but I invite you to come and see the reality inside. I am a mother and I wouldn't change it for the outside - we feel insecurity in regard to what's outside the building, not inside. Inside we feel more than safe," tower resident Thais Ruiz told Reuters.

This resident came from a neighborhood ruled by gangs. Her kids couldn't even leave home.

"Here, on the other hand, they go to the courtyard to play, they have coaches and they can practice sports and that makes them happy," Ruiz said.

Some residents even opened up businesses in their homes -- anything to flee the country's poverty.

"I have always asked: What sin have we committed that we were born poor and without resources and without anyone to help us? That is how we ended up here," said another inhabitant Willmer Angel.

In a country where there are few signs of relief for the poor, this is a question more people are likely to ask.

Have a look at some of the most striking images from the “skyscraper slum” below:

World’s Tallest Slum

Men rest after salvaging metal on the 30th floor:

World’s Tallest Slum

A view of the lobby from the top:

World’s Tallest Slum

It has a basketball court:

World’s Tallest Slum,0000:newsml_GM1EA420QRD01:1184198952?decorator=detailPopup

And shops:

World’s Tallest Slum

And a sewing workshop:

World’s Tallest Slum

Inhabitant Adriana Gutierrez and her son Carlos Adrian watch TV as they sit on their bed on the 24th floor:

World’s Tallest Slum

Resident Francisco, 18, cooks food in his apartment:

World’s Tallest Slum

Teenagers chat on the 10th floor of the structure:

World’s Tallest Slum

A girl rides a bicycle on a balcony in the Tower of David:

World’s Tallest Slum

World’s Tallest Slum

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