Toxic Water Flows from Jeans Cos. Plant

"Theres a disturbing report today of dangerous waste being dumped by a plant in Africa which manufactures blue jeans for American consumers. Both Gap and Levi Strauss are investigating the alleged dumping at the plant in Lesotho in southern Africa, as CBS News correspondent Sheila MacVicar reports. On the outskirts of Maseru, dozens of children - the poorest of the poor - scavenge at a huge municipal dump for anything useful - anything they can sell. A months-long investigation by the London Sunday Times found tons of illegally dumped waste from garment manufacturers including suppliers of major denim manufacturers Levi Strauss and Gap. Among the scraps of denim and discarded clothing tags are hidden dangers. ""We found razors, sharps and needles that are traditionally used in textile machinery. So theres a lot of hazardous waste,"" said Dan McDougall, Africa correspondent for the London Sunday Times. The dump is constantly burning. Acrid smoke fills the air. Most of the childr

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