Toys "R" Us Makes Big Move To End Gender Stereotyping

After months of campaigning by pressure groups, Toys "R" Us goes gender neutral.

Boys Girls Gender Filter Neutral Toys UK Website

After an online campaign by a pressure group, Toys "R" Us announced it will to drop the gender filter from its U.K. website for toy searches. The shoppers can now instead browse by age, brand or type of the toy they are after. 
toys like dolls

For centuries, girls have been typically associated with toys like dolls and cooking sets while boys have been made to play with action figures and cars.

Let Toys Be Toys petitioned Toys "R" Us for nearly two years to drop this categorization, saying girls were being put off from experimenting with science and construction, while boys were being discouraged from playing with dolls.

The gender neutral option not only gives kids a wider range of stuff to choose from, but also knocks down subtle messages that there are proper "boy toys" and "girl toys."

world’s leading toy retailers

This decision by the world’s leading toy retailer was met with a warm response by elated parents who took to the Internet to support the bold step taken by the company.

There were also some unhappy customers who clearly did not welcome the new idea.

Gender neutral in toys

Gender neutral in toys is really a win-win for both parents and retailers, as besides giving children a bigger selection to pick from, it may also increase sales for the company.

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