West Virginia Skies Lit With Fire Balls After Train Derailment And Inferno

The accident has displaced more than 2,000 people.

huge explosion as oil tanker train derails in West Virginia

A train carrying more than 100 tankers of crude oil derailed during a snowstorm in Fayette County, West Virginia, causing massive fire and explosions.

The accident occurred on Monday, when nearly 30 of the train’s more than 100 cars came off tracks. A section of which hit a nearby house, setting the structure ablaze, while atleast one tanker has landed in Kanawha River which is the source of drinking water for the area.    

The officials have declared a state of emergency in Kanawha and Fayette counties and police has evacuated almost 2,400 people from their houses.

The oil tankers continue to explode even hours after the accident, sending sky-high fireballs each time. Authorities are panning to let the fire die down on its own.

So far, it isn’t clear as to what caused the derailment.

"We've had some severe winter weather conditions here with significant snowfall. We don't yet know whether that's a factor in this," said West Virginia Department of Military Affairs spokesman Lawrence Messina.

One person has been reported injured so far.

Take a look at the inferno caused by the accident.

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