Train Crash In West Bengal Kills 60

"The Cooch Bihar to Calcutta train crashed into the Vananchal Express at Sainthia station, around 120 miles from the state capital, at 2am Monday morning. Officials in India said they believed driver error was responsible for the incident, but railways minister Mamata Bannerjee said she was suspicious about the cause. Two months earlier 148 people were killed in West Bengal when the Gyaneshwaari Express derailed after suspected Maoist insurgents sabotaged the track. This latest crash is believed to have been caused when the driver of one of the express trains missed a signal and continued speeding towards Sainthia station where another train was standing on the same tracks. According to witnesses, by-standers shouted at the driver to slow down but he did not brake quickly enough. The driver is believed to been killed in the collision. The force of the collision was such that one carriage was hurled into the air and landed on an overhead passenger bridge. Two carriages for second class passengers were so badly mangled that more than 30 passengers had to be freed by rescue workers using gas cutters. ""I am suspicious about the cause of the accident. We have some doubt in our mind. Whatever happened is not casual thing. We will take all strong steps against those who are behind this,"" said Ms Bannerjee shortly before visiting the scene of the incident. "