Heartbreaking Text Messages From Children Trapped Aboard Sinking Ferry

Some of the passengers aboard the unfortunate South Korean ferry sent text messages to their loved ones. The sinking may tragically be one of South Korea's biggest ferry disasters since 1993.

As the search for survivors aboard the unfortunate South Korean ferry continues, some sources report text messages which were allegedly sent by trapped children. These messages are absolutely devastating.

According to CNN, one student texted his mother,

"No phone connection so there is no Internet connection. So just sending text message. There are few people on the ship, can't see a thing, it's totally dark. So there are few men and women, women are screaming."

"There are a few people in the ship and we are not dead yet, so please send along this message."

YTN reported another text sent by a son to his mom saying,

Mom, in case I won't get to tell you, I'm sending this. I love you.

The mom, after taking a while to reply wrote back,

I, too, love you, son.

CBCreported a text message sent by a passenger to the members of his school theatre club, saying,

If I've wronged any of you, forgive. Love you guys.

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