Tropical Storm Isaac Disrupts Lives Including Guantanamo Bay Hearings (Video)

Officials delay the start of the September 11th hearings in Guantanamo Bay as forecasters predict Tropical Storm Isaac will become a hurricane. This week's pretrial hearings listed those of five prisoners – most importantly that of Khalid Sheik Mohammed - accused of plotting the September 11 attacks.

While soldiers stacked sandbags and secured equipment, the U.S. military prepared evacuation flights for the lawyers, journalists and 9/11 victims' family members gathered in Cuba for the hearings. Meanwhile, in Puerto Rico, residents and tourists boarded up building and gathered supplies where a hurricane warning was in effect.

With winds of 45 miles per hour, Isaac was expected to become a hurricane by Thursday - moving on a track putting it off the coast of Florida Monday - day one of the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

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