Heroic Truck Driver Saves Boy Being Held In A Chokehold By Bullies

Sean Swan arrived at the scene to see a teenage bully holding a kid to the ground in chokehold while another was trying to steal his bike.

A lorry driver has become a teenager’s hero after saving him from being bullied and having his bike stolen.

Sean Swan was driving his 44-ton truck through traffic in Tipton, West Midlands, when he came across a young boy being punched and held in a chokehold by teenage thugs. The bullies were also trying to steal the schoolboy’s bike.

Upon witnessing the scene, Swan immediately sprinted toward the boys and tackled the mischief-makers.

“The young guy was being held from behind his neck in a choke hold while another lad sucker punched him — he had no means of defending himself,” he said. “I said to them ‘take your hands off, it's three on one, it’s wrong.’”

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The boys were rather angry at the man for stepping in, and allegedly began swearing at him. But Swan, who was selflessly bent on protecting the boy, yelled back at the thugs and stood in front of the victim to protect him.

“I was really disgusted and disappointed that people did nothing, they didn't even dial 999 — shame on them,” he recalled.

The bullies soon disappeared and Swan took the young teen to his truck. He then calmed the boy down and gave him his details in case the police needed them. A female friend soon appeared at the scene and took over the teenager.

“My partner said I was lucky they didn't have a knife. I said that even if they had I would have still done it,” Swan said of his act.

The boys haven’t been identified as yet and authorities are still investigating the incident.

Hopefully, authorities will be able to trace them down and teach them a lesson so they don’t bully others in future.

Every few days an incident of bullying emerges on the internet, and in many cases, the victim commits suicide or withdraws from the society as a result.

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No one should ever have to feel targeted and undergo the trauma of bullying. Punishing these boys might serve as an example for others and prevent such incidents from taking place in the future.