Maybe This Ride For The Constitution Trucker Protest Isn't Such A Good Idea

When even Fox News is making fun of a trucker protest to shut down an already-shutdown Washington, the truckers got nothing.

Sometimes, it is best to back off from a situation when somebody already has made the point you are trying to make.  Otherwise, you just look ridiculous.  Consider the so-called "Truckers To Shut Down America," a mass protest of truckers who intended to shutdown the highways around Washington, D.C., and thus the American government, over the Columbus Day holiday weekend, all over perceived attempts by President Barack Obama to "destroy America."  Then, the government shut down, before they could really say or do anything.  Rather than figuring out something else to do with their time, the truckers organizing the protest were undeterred, and instead changed the name to "Ride For The Constitution," all the while doing the same thing for the same sort of reasons.  Which is to say, we are not entirely sure what they are doing, and we don't know that they do either.

Apparently, the Ride For The Constitution began organizing, according to sources, over the issue of arming rebels in Syria, in particular al-Qaeda terrorists.  This sort of information is something nobody is actually sure about, though evidence does suggest Americans are arming the rebels in the Syrian civil war.  Even so, though, what exactly is the point of shutting down the Beltway for just that?  Plenty of other, more effective ways to get that particular point across.

From that point, other reasons are given for the Ride For The Constitution trucker protest.  One is a list of demands that essentially says that the trucking industry has been severely affected by government regulation.  This would be fine, then you get a spokesman claiming they seek to citizens' arrest members of Congress for violating "their oath of office."  The reasons as to why the truckers believe the lawmakers violated their oath of office remains vague, however.

Then, another spokesman claimed that spokesman did not represent them, then claimed that they wished to remove President Barack Obama from office, which is not listed on their website.  The more you read into this Ride For The Constitution, the more you get the sense that these truckers are not entirely certain what they are doing.  The cohesiveness of this protest is comparable to Occupy Wall Street's main force in Zucotti Park two years ago, which is to say there is none at all.

To show the lack of support for Ride For The Constitution if only because it is so weird and confusing, look no further than Fox News, who called the movement "bizarre."  Glenn Beck's The Blaze has been slightly more sympathetic to the cause, but not that much.  Not many on the right are particularly interested in all this, mainly because the whole thing just seems kind of silly.  We shall see how this mess all plays out this weekend.  But honestly, perhaps everybody should just take a nap right now.  This is getting ridiculous.

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