Trump Admits He’s An Entertainer, Not A Politician

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump admits he really is just an entertainer after comments on Republican presidential opponent Carly Fiorina's looks goes viral.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s publicity antics and explosive media attention could be likened to a celebrity entertainer not a serious presidential candidate, and Trump has finally confirmed that relevant truth — he is indeed just here to entertain.

Trump has been doing damage control since his comments about Republican presidential opponent Carly Fiorina’s looks went viral, sparking yet another sexist scandal in the billionaire’s presidential campaign.

In an interview with Fox News anchor Great Van Susteren, Trump explained why he made those heinous remarks.

“Many of those comments are made as an entertainer because I did 'The Apprentice' and it was one of the top shows on television,” Trump told Susteren on Thursday night. “Some comments are made as an entertainer and as everybody said, as an entertainer is a much different ball game.”

So there you have it. Trump isn’t here for policy change and government reform, just for the jokes.

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