Trump Fans Attack A Virginia Republican, Assuming He Is A Muslim

Virginia Republican lawmaker David Ramadan came under fire from Trump supporters after he had the audacity to critique Trump.

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Trump supporters are drawn to anyone insulting their fearless leader as moths drawn to a flame—when Virginia legislator David Ramadan retaliated after Trump blasted the Virginia Republican Party, Trump fans wasted no time in besieging Ramadan with death threats and racist attacks.

On Sunday, Trump went on a Twitter rant concerning Virginia’s Republican primary policies; the state does not mandate that you must be registered as a Republican before voting in the primary, which Trump claimed was ruining Republican chances of victory in Virginia.

Ramadan only defended his state and party, but that was enough to set Trump devotees off.

They latched onto his last name, declaring him a Muslim and clamoring revoke his citizenship and deport him. Ramadan, born to a Muslim family, immigrated from Lebanon, but is now married to a Methodist and has renounced Islam. Facts don’t deter Trump enthusiasts, however, and thousands attacked him on the basis of a religion he does not even follow.

Ramadan responded quite rationally, considering the vitriol he was receiving, telling The Daily Beast, “If you Google me, you seem to find dark sections of the Web—reports that make me supposedly a terrorist and an undercover cell, and both ISIS, Hamas, and Hezbollah, all three combined sometimes. And that is just absolute craziness.”

Ramadan is clearly a Republican through and through, as he’s received a 90 percent lifetime score from the American Conservative Union and the NRA wholeheartedly endorses him. Yet this does not matter to Trump’s supporters, as they believe he is part of some larger conspiracy only because he doesn’t back Trump, using a false and misleading Breitbart article to justify their insanity. 

There's really no line Trump supporters will not cross.  

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @DavidIRamadan

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