Trump Supporter Spitting On Activist At Political Rally Caught On Tape

A Donald Trump supporter spit in the face of an immigration activist during a campaign event in Richmond, Virginia

During a campaign event in Richmond, Virginia, a Donald Trump supporter spit in the face of an immigration activist during a tense confrontation.

It all started when activists and protestors interrupted Trump’s speech by shouting, “Dump Trump!” and “We are here to stay!”

Supporters of Trump turned on the protesters, shoving them while trying to snatch their signs. As things began to heat up, fights erupted through the crowd.

WUSA9 captured footage of one Trump supporter shoving and spitting on a Hispanic student shouting, “Go back to where you came from!”

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State police were forced to intervene, dragging some of the protestors and activists out of the hall where the rally was being held.

Trump, however, didn’t miss a beat. He continued his speech over the uproar, later telling the AFP that he “didn’t see much of the protest.”

The protesters were from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond and claimed to be there to call Trump out on his racial and immigration issues.

After being escorted out by police, one student said, “We just had to show him that here we don’t stand for racism. He’s just playing on xenophobia and hatred towards people from minorities.”

She added that none of the protesters that showed up were arrested or hurt. 

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