Will Riots Ensue If Clinton Wins?

Trump has more or less convinced his supporters of a “global” conspiracy against his election campaign. How will they react if he loses in November?

Donald Trump is losing.

Even he knows it — or, at least, has sort of started to admit it.

After months of bragging about leading polls, the Republican nominee stated on WBT’s “Charlotte Morning News” that he was “somewhat” lagging behind.

“I guess I’m somewhat behind in the polls but not by much,” Trump told the radio program.  

Then there’s the statement by his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, to NBC’s "Meet the Press": “We’re behind.”

So what does a candidate do when they see they’re not going to make it to the White House? Well, the answer depends on the kind of person you are, really. For instance, if you’re George.H.W. Bush, you’ll write a heart-warming letter to your opponent Bill Clinton.

But if you’re Trump, you’ll whine about rigging.

Ever since the noose of sexual assault allegations has begun to tighten around Trump’s neck, he has started claiming there’s a “global” conspiracy against his campaign — a mass voter fraud conspiracy.

And his supporters, unsurprisingly, are buying this.

However, the most troubling part is not their acceptance of the bizarre rigging theory, it is, in fact, their reaction to it.

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A lot of Trump’s followers are using strong words like “revolution” and “civil war” if Hillary Clinton wins.

One supporter even suggested he’ll use violence against the Democratic candidate and that’s something to worry about.

After all, Trump’s supporters, as everybody has seen over the past year, are capable of carrying out violent acts, in most cases, without any provocation.

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