Trump Wants Russia Investigation — But Of Hillary Clinton

Laurel Dammann
President Donald Trump thinks Hillary Clinton is the one with suspicious ties to Russia, not him. He tweeted debunked accusations in an attempt to shift the focus.

Flickr: Karl-Ludewig Poggeman

Something is certainly up between President Donald Trump's administration and Russia, however, the president is never one to be on the wrong side of a scandal. Like a 3-year-old brat caught red-handed, he tried to turn the blame to an old rival: Hillary Clinton.

On Monday evening, Trump partook of one of his favorite pastimes and tweeted comments that had very little to do with facts and a lot to do with playing the victim.

USA Today linked his tweets back to the book "Clinton Cash" by Peter Schweizer and a New York Times article from 2015. The Times reported that the Russians directed $2.3 million to the Clinton Foundation — which the Clintons did not initially disclose — at a time when a Russian energy company was seeking approval to purchase a business that controlled a sizable portion of America's uranium production capacity.

The claim that this money influenced Clinton or the approval of the uranium deal has since been proven to be unsubstantiated by a number of sources.

But why on Earth would Trump care about the truth?

He doesn't. Trump's power relies on telling lies and counting on the ignorance of others. As long as there are people who believe every nonsense thing that makes its way out of his mouth or onto his Twitter account, he will remain formidable. As the FBI investigates the Trump administration's map of strange Russian coincidences, he's resorting to techniques that have always served him well.

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