Trump's Many Lies Take Up An Entire Page Of The New York Times

President Donald Trump is a noted fibber, and while his lies are frustrating to hear across media, it's jolting to see them dominate an entire newspaper page.

The New York Times headquarters.

It's no alternative fact that President Donald Trump lies and lies a lot, seemingly compulsively. However, seeing the many lies in print puts the breadth and extent of the problem into an even more daunting perspective.

It's nothing short of flabbergasting when you see that a man voted into the highest office in the nation, potentially the most powerful position in the world, has spit enough falsehoods to fill an entire page of The New York Times.

In their publication's Opinion section, The New York Times printed almost every lie Trump has told since assuming office over five months ago. The list includes his egomaniacal fury over his inauguration crowd size, the dubious connections between his administration and Russia, and many more, engulfing a full page of the Sunday paper.

Again, these are just the lies he's told since becoming president. There has been ample evidence indicating that Trump built his business empire on lies, and his foray into the political spotlight began with his sustained claim that then-President Barack Obama was not a United States citizen

While he has a camp of enthusiastic supporters who seem to believe everything he spins, there are high profile individuals who have pointed out to more cautious citizens that the president is not to be trusted.

While the Democrats consistently and expectedly go after Trump every time he puts his foot in his mouth, there have been others outside the party who have called attention to Trump's penchant for falsehoods. Notably, former FBI Director James Comey made it clear under oath that he did not trust the president to be honest about their private meetings and told the Senate Investigative Committee that he took detailed notes of his interactions with Trump because he was concerned that the president would outright lie about them.

Trump has shown no interest in engaging with actual reality, or perhaps he simply cannot, so the lying will certainly continue. If Trump does make it through the entirety of his first term as president, the New York Times might have to start dedicating a weekly column to his fibs, maybe even whole Sunday editions.

For Trump, the truth is the hardest thing in the world, and Americans at some point will have to decide if that's too dangerous a flaw to keep in office. 

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