TSA Screeners Missed 95% Of Fake Weapons And Explosives

So essentially all the TSA is good for is harassing people.

TSA Fails Security

When the Department of Homeland Security decided to put airport screeners to test, they probably expected to come across some flaws that needed fixing. What they likely never dreamed of was for the Transportation Security Administration to fail so utterly and miserably.

TSA screeners at airports failed to detect 95% of the explosives and weapons that the Homeland Security team hid in test luggage.

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In one of instance, an alarm rang when an undercover agent set off a magnetometer (a digital meter for magnets). However, during a follow-up pat down, the security staff was unable to detect a fake explosive device fastened to his body.

The acting head of the Transportation Security Administration, Melvin Carraway, was booted from his post because of the awful performance of agents. Acting Deputy Director Mark Hatfield will take over the TSA until a new acting administrator is appointed.

Earlier this year, President Obama nominated Coast Guard Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger to be the TSA's permanent administrator.

It makes one wonder if all the TSA is good for is harassing and ridiculing people.

TSA screeners at airports

The photo above shows a baby being pat down at the Kansas City International Airport.

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There have been reports that TSA officers steal money from luggage, take bribes from drug dealers and sleep on duty. Not too long ago former Israeli Airport Security Head Rafi Sela declared, "The TSA couldn't protect you from a 6-year-old with a water balloon."

Now we know he seems to be right. 

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