Tsunami Dolphin Rescued From Rice Patty Today

A baby dolphin trapped in a rice paddy since the March 11th tsunami in Japan, was rescued today.

Sendai, Japan (NEWSTABULOUS) – A baby dolphin trapped in a rice paddy since the March 11th tsunami in Japan, was rescued today.

This little animal is being called a dolphin in the news, and was identified as a dolphin by the people who spotted him, but it is actually called a finless porpoise, with similar coloring as a dolphin, but more closely resembles, to the eye, a small, gray baby beluga.

This tiny porpoise was spotted by volunteer workers in the area trying to help with clean up and provide support in the are since the natural disasters struck the area. He was found in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, 2km inland from the coast. Viewing the trapped, lost porpoise, they felt they couldn’t ignore this victim of the tsunami.

Masayuki Sato remembered there was a local pet shop owner assisting with helping lost and hurt animals from the earthquake and tsunami.

Ryo Taira was called in to assist with the situation, and a net was used to try and capture the evasive porpoise wriggling through the flooded rice paddy. To make things easier, Ryo simply waded in himself to retrieve the trapped porpoise in his arms.

A makeshift stretcher of sorts was created by the volunteers with leftover wreckage from the disasters, from an old futon mattress and some car parts. Wet towels were used to keep the little one wet during his car ride back to the coast, where volunteers had decided to release him back into the wild in the hopes he could find his family group, have access to a food source, and have a fighting chance at survival.

Ryo Taira explained: “I don’t know if it will survive, but it’s much better than dying in a rice field, right? It’s good.”

Returned to the ocean after it’s 12 day ordeal, let’s hope and pray this little finless porpoise survives, as this particular species of animal is considered to be a vulnerable species in our oceans.

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