Teen Shoots Himself In The Leg For The Second Time In Three Months

A Tulsa teen accidentally shot himself in the leg. Shockingly enough, this is not the first time he did this to himself.

Tulsa Teen Shoots Himself

What is worse than shooting yourself in the leg? Shooting yourself in the same leg for the second time in three months.

A 16-year-old in Tulsa accidentally shot himself in the leg but was lucky enough to have a police officer use tourniquet on his wounds and save his life.

The teen, residing on the 7300 block of East Jasper Street, shot himself in the left leg on Sunday afternoon; Officer Brian Wilson found him conscious but incoherent on a bed sheet full of blood. He was rushed to a Tulsa emergency room where the police learned bullet damaged an artery .

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The teen has practice at this: the first time he shot himself, approximately three months ago, the wounds weren’t severe; this time could have killed him.

"Officer Wilson's quick action saved the victim's life by preventing him from bleeding to death," Sergeant Steve Stoltz said.

Now comes the big questions – just what was the teen doing with a gun? Why isn't is locked up and why is there no supervision in his house? And, most importantly, what is with the effectiveness of gun control that this can keep happening? 

A similar case was reported earlier this month when a Houston teen killed himself while taking a selfie with a gun.

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