Military Tank Awaits Refugees Fleeing For Their Lives [PHOTOS]

Fleeing from the evil ISIS, Syrian refugees find themselves stopped by Turkish tanks.

The image above shows hundreds of refugees trapped between the vicious Islamic State and a Turkish tank, stranded at the Syria-Turkey border.

This is just one of the several tanks the Turkish military has deployed along its Syrian border to restrict the flow of refugees, most of them Kurds, into their country.

Fighters from the Islamic State have wrecked havoc in Kurdish villages in northern Syria. As a result thousands of Syrian residents, fearing for their lives, have been forced to flee.

According to the United Nations, the refugee crisis near the Syrian border town of Ayn al-Arab (Kobani in Kurdish) could be one of the greatest refugee flows since the civil war in Syria began and the numbers are expected to rise to hundreds of thousands, if the situation is not controlled.

To give it due credit, Turkey has been doing a lot for the 1.3 million refugees already on its soil but the exodus is getting too much to control and support.

More than 144,000 Syrian refugees, mainly Kurds, have poured in southern Turkey's Sanilurfa province since mid-July.

Speaking at the General Assembly on Wednesday Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan aired his frustration, "In addition to 1.3 million Syrian refugees of all racial and sectarian colors we have accepted, last week we received more than 140,000 Syrian Kurds who fled from IS attacks."

"We still temporarily host 70,000 Yazidis from Iraq," he added.

His frustration is justified. "This sudden and massive influx of traumatized people into Turkey comes at a time when this country is already generously hosting well over a million Syrians. It is absolutely critical that the international community supports Turkey to respond to spiraling needs of so many refugees now as they will soon be facing winter," says High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres.

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