After Women, Gangsters And Vigilantes Pose A Serious Threat To ISIS

The threat of ISIS has gripped the world. But the terrorist organization itself faces threats from the most unlikely of sources.


Iraq, Syria and now Turkey have suffered immensely at the hands of the Islamic State. While the militant group has taken over large parts of Iraq and Syria, with their seize of Kobani, a town which lies on the Syrian-Turkish border, the terrorist group has become a serious threat for Turkey as well.

Turkey itself, however, is reluctant to use force on the militants and has despite repeated requests and demands, refused to let the United States use its bases to combat ISIS. It has instead gone on to bomb PKK, the anti-ISIS Kurds group.

But not everyone is as laid back as Turkey in fighting off the terrorists. Countries including the United States and Saudi Arabia have joined hands to defeat ISIS and in recent months, hard-lined militants have been dying at the hands of women.

But they have more to fear than their nemesis, women:

White Shroud


White Shroud is one of the several guerilla groups with a vengeance to wipe out the jihadis. They claim  to have killed more than 100 militants.

The group whose name denotes the white-colored cloth used by Muslims to cover their dead was crushed by ISIS earlier this year and is now on a vendetta.

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No Surrender


You’d think a motorbike gang from a far off land would be the last thing to pose as a threat to the militant organization, but that is not the case. No Surrender, a Dutch motorbike gang, is up in arms against ISIS. In fact they have just been allowed by the Netherland’s public prosecutor to continue fighting alongside Kurds in northern Iraq against ISIS.

Where governments and international organizations have failed, perhaps these unlikely sources may be able to thwart terror. Or, by legitimizing these non-state actors’ actions against ISIS, are we allowing to nurture monsters that may come back to haunt us?

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