Turkish Airlines Attendants Join Protests Wearing Guy Fawkes Masks (VIDEO)

Turkish Airlines finally joined the protests going on in the country which erupted last Friday.

From a peaceful sit-in to save the historical Gezi Park in Istanbul.

According to the video uploaded on video streaming website YouTube, the flight crew’s protest was staged in front of Turkish Airlines headquarters. Attendants donned Guy Fawkes masks aka V for Vendetta masks which are often used in anti-government demonstrations.

In a coordinated act meant for the Gezi protesters, the Turkish Airlines attendants gave a safety briefing including a very moving message to everyone participating in the movement against Erdogan’s government, “Your companion next to you is your life vest.” And then they hugged each other.

Some workers of the Airlines had been on a strike previously over low pay and sacking of several employees. The strike was reportedly significant for Turkish Airlines, ranked Europe's fourth-largest by passenger numbers, since sustained action could undermine expansion plans at one of the world's fastest-growing carriers. Turkish Airlines Chairman Hamdi Topcu, however, constantly denied all reports regarding the increasing discontent among the staff.

Also, earlier in May this year, Turkish Airlines had banned air hostesses from wearing brightly-colored lipsticks such as red or pink, a move which sparked fierce debate as the government was then accused of trying to ‘Islamize’ the country. Numerous Turkish women reportedly posted pictures of themselves wearing bright red lipstick on social media forums such as Twitter and Facebook to protest against the policy.

You can watch the Turkish Airlines demonstration in the video above.

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