Turkish Coast Guard Mounts Dramatic Rescue Of Baby Floating Out To Sea

The 10-month-old baby drifted a kilometer out to sea after her parents forgot about her on the water.

Parents' alleged neglect, a baby and the sea can be a deadly combination, but someone from above must really be looking out for 10-month-old Melda Ilgun in Turkey.

Her parents reportedly forgot about the tot, leaving her in a floatation device drifting deeper into the Aegean Sea. By the time somebody realized what was happening, the tides swept Melda too far away, pulling her more than a half-mile from shore and headed toward the Greek island Lesbos. 

The child's parents told reporters that they weren't even aware that their daughter was out there when the situation quickly became an emergency scramble.

Fortunately, somebody called the Turkish Coast Guard, and they quickly dispatched a boat. Video shows the Coast Guard vessel pulling alongside the small flotation device; rescuers then dive into the water and pull Melda back to safety.

Cheers erupted on the beach when the baby was safely brought back to shore and handed back to her mother.

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