Harrowing Video Shows Turkish Fishermen Rescue Drowning Syrian Toddler

The refugee toddler was plucked from the ocean and resuscitated by the fishermen after the boat carrying him and 15 others capsized on its way to Greece.

Warning: The contents of this video might upset some readers.

As refugees from war zones continue to arrive in Europe on boats and rafts, the world would have witnessed another Aylan Kurdi if it weren’t for two heroic fishermen, whose quick thinking saved a group of floating Syrian migrants in the Aegean Sea.

Harrowing footage has emerged of Turkish fishermen rescuing and resuscitating an 18-month-old Syrian toddler in a life jacket. The men from the Aegean town of Kusadasi found the toddler floating in the water and initially thought he was dead.

However, it was only when he started to make noises that the men realized he was alive and pulled him out of the ocean to administer first aid and resuscitate him. They also helped 15 other refugees floating in life jackets nearby.

“He was all pale. We suspected hypothermia as he was cold and his hands and feet were all white. He was also frothing at the mouth,” Recep Evran, the captain of the boat, told the Hürriyet. “We covered the baby with a blanket, tried to rescue him. After our call, a tow boat from the harbor arrived to help us before taking the baby to Kusadasi.”

The child, now identified as Muhammad Hasan, was traveling to Greece with his mother Lorin Halef. However, two boats – including the one carrying his family – capsized near the coast.

Fortunately, the toddler is now reportedly in good health and was reunited with his mother and the rescuers.

Watch Hasan’s miraculous rescue in the video posted above.

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More than 2,600 refugees and migrants have drowned while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea in 2015, according to the International Organization for Migration.

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