Turks And Kurdish Rebels Clash After Raid On Post

ISTANBUL — The deadliest attacks in recent months, Kurdish rebels fighting for autonomy in southeast Turkey attacked a military post in a far eastern town on Saturday, killing 8 soldiers and wounding at least 14, the semiofficial Anatolian News Agency reported. In response, Turkish warplanes pounded the border region, which in summer is often populated by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. At least 12 Kurdish militants were killed in a land and air operation around Hakkari, and inside northern Iraq, according to a statement from the military. The rebels had struck earlier on the outskirts of Hakkari, according to the news agency. Two more soldiers were killed in a land-mine explosion in pursuit of rebels, the private NTV network reported. Tensions have been escalating along Turkey’s border with Iraq, with at least 130 rebel fighters and 43 members of the Turkish security forces killed in air raids and incursions in northern Iraq since March, the military said in a statement on Friday.