Christmas Surprise For Needy Kids Comes From Behind Bars

The inmates at Turney Center Industrial Prison have a special surprise for underprivileged kids this Christmas.

Prisoners at the Turney Center Industrial Prison in Tennessee, are using their craft skills to make toys for underprivileged kids this Christmas.

The principal of the vocational class, Rebecca Millay, came up with the idea when she saw how well the inmates were performing in the carpentry course offered by the prison.

They have created more than 200 toys from hand-crafted checker boards to rocking chairs for children in need. The local Hickman County Rescue Squad, will distribute the toys.

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“These toys are going to be a big help to them,” commented the Rescue Squad Chief Tony Warner. “They want to give back from where they have taken.”

The project also helps the convicts so that when they are released from prison, they have a skill they can use to get employment.

“A lot of time and patience went into all these cool things,” said Jeff Dearing, who used to work on big trucks before his incarceration. “It makes them feel good. I’m sure everybody in here feels good about being able to do something for the community and be recognized for it.”

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