One Of National Zoo Panda's Twin Cubs Dies

Amna Shoaib
Zookeepers and panda watchers all over the world were thrilled when one cub was delivered. And then came Mei Xiang's big surprise.


One of the two pandas born over the weekend at the National Zoo has died, the zoo said in a tweet on Wednesday. 

Zoo officials said the panda cubs were "vulnerable" due their size but in the days following their birth, officials said they were showing no cause for concern. 

While the world keels under the pressure of massive migrant crises, growing extremism and the sight of Donald Trump's hair, Mei Xiang, the resident giant panda queen at Washington, D.C.'s National Zoo, has showed the world that there are still things are so absolutely easy to love. Like these incredibly tiny, astonishingly adorable panda babies.

Twin Pandas Born, national zoo panda

Mei Xiang had her fans watching and waiting when the National Zoo announced last week that she might be pregnant and that zookeepers were prepping for a birth anytime until mid-September. Mei Xiang pushed up the timeline, giving birth to these royal babies and immediately awakening the maternal instinct of the entire Twitterverse.

Some reminded us how inhumanely cute these babies grow up to be.

And these people introduced the human ear to the glorious sound of panda cries.

Some people even weighed in on Trump's reaction. Would he try to rid America of more reasons to be happy?

The news was even more of a surprise because ultrasounds showed only one fetus developing.

 and so this joke was inevitable.

Twin Pandas Born

Panda births are notoriously difficult affairs. Each cub is only about the size of a butter stick when born, and panda moms can easily crush their cub or the cub can succumb to illness within its first weeks. 

To watch how Mei Xiang and the cubs are progressing, check out the National Zoo's live panda cams.

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