Twitter Makes English Football Association Regret Its Sexist Tweet

The English Football Association made an ill-advised twitter comment about the Lionesses' third place victory. Twitter roared in protest.

England’s Football Association has made a social media faux pas in its tweeted recognition of the English women’s football team and its recent victory over Germany, a win that secured third place in this year’s World Cup.

#Lionesses, Lionesses tweet

Well, it turns out England’s “Lionesses” aren’t the only ones out to kill. Twitter is in (highly amusing, highly sarcastic) uproar over the casually patronizing tweet.

The FA quietly and sheepishly deleted the tweet, as if that would quell the profound irritation of their twitter detractors.

People have taken umbrage, not just at the quiet implication that the roles of “mothers, partners and daughters” are un-heroic, but also at the simple fact that any mention of these roles were made at all. When the men’s team wins a trophy, do we applaud them as “fathers, husbands, and sons” who’ve made the nation proud? Or do we just recognize them on the merit of their sportsmanship, their athleticism, and their hard work?

Sexist tweets are generally ill-advised, and that goes double when your twitter handle is the name of the country that you represent.

How did England’s Football Association even get the “@england” handle? How is that not the prerogative of, like, the Queen? Or Elton John?

All in all, we expect that #England’s Football Association will go back to being just a football association soon enough, though they have taken on another title—a laughing stock.  

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