Twitter Mocks CNN For Blown Coverage Of Boston Marathon Suspect

CNN hastily reported that a suspect had been identified in the Boston Marathon bombing, then retracted that statement shortly after. Twitter noticed. And mocked.

CNN reported that a suspect had been arrested in the Boston Marathon bombing case. Wolf Blitzer mentioned that the suspect is "dark-skinned." Then, about an hour later, CNN began fudging its reports. The story on its website with the headline: BREAKING: ARREST MADE IN BOSTON, has been changed to FEDS: NO ARREST MADE.

While we will continue to update you on what is actually going on, the Twitter-verse took the gap in real news coverage to ruthlessly mock CNN:

That's CNN's big problem. It's developing quite a track record of reporting false news on big stories.

A convenient roundup of CNN's coverage was provided by @bendimiero:

CNN executives are now praying that their original report turns out to be true, because it's going to look really bad if it isn't:

Another convenient roundup:

The excellent Modern Seinfeld feed got in on the action:

The irresistible "breaking news" pun:

Yet another update on CNN's television coverage of their "reporting" on the Boston suspect (incidentally, CNN is probably getting a LOT of viewers for having blown this):

Eventually, things got existential:

Deeply existential:

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