Is Trump Silently Wishing He Could Be 'Unpresidented'?

Amna Shoaib
Such appalling spelling is #unpresidented.

Donald trump unpresidented tweet

In what many are interpreting as a silent plea for help, Trump spelled out his desire (to be "unpresidented") and to run away from all the responsibility and go back to his simple lifestyle of being an undeserved billionaire and hurling abuse on Twitter.

Assuming his role as the future chief executive of the country, he felt it his duty to rebuke China for an "unpresidented" act of capturing a U.S. underwater drone and refusing to return it. It must also be noted here that the man had earlier single-handedly upended decades of U.S. foreign policy toward China.

Trump's words were so beautifully congruous to the horror show that was the election.

Everything  that Trump has done so far, from his Twitter feuds to his business meetings, has been perfectly unpresidential.

Trump's team deleted the tweet and uploaded another with the correct spelling (after 87 minutes!). But Twitter never forgets.

For the brief moments before the tweet fizzled away, it was screenshot countless times.






And then Merriam-Webster, dictionary and deliverer of savage burns, stepped in.



As a Twitter user put it, "there's never, ever been a President so mocked everywhere. And he's not even President yet..."

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