Twitter Reacts To George W. Bush's Nude Painting

The portrait by George W. Bush of himself in the shower, discovered by a hacker, has made excellent twitter- fodder.

As you probably know by now, someone hacked into George H.W. Bush's email, and the world know nows that Jeb Bush thought George H.W. Bush revived Bill Clinton's image, that Jeb and George W. have a sister named Dorothy Bush Koch (quite the combo of double entendre/Republican powerhouse last names!) and that George W. Bush, two term president, is a painter. He paints himself in the place that we are all our most vulnerable, our most human: the bathroom.


Twitter, of course, had a field day. Here is a sampling of some of the better one-liners on the George W. Bush paintings:

But the best reaction may have been this completely unironic one from the right-wing blog, the Washington Free Beacon:

Greatest Living President is Also Fantastic Painter

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