Twitter's Best Google Glass Contest Responders

Google Glass will be sold to 8,000 people who tweet or post #ifIhadglass on Google+. Here are some of the best entries so far.

Google Glass is tantalizing us with its cheerfully futuristic promo video. Google Glass is a tiny screen that you wear on a glasses frame. It can provide directions, take pictures, take video, let your friends see through your glass, perform google searches, and did I mention that all of this is voice automated? Google Glass is getting very close to the boundary between device and augmented reality.

To promote Google Glass, Google is doing a viral marketing campaign: they are selling 8,000 Google Glasses to anyone who can convince them that they are worthy in 50 words or less. Thousands of people have tweeted in the hopes of being one of the first buyers (yes, if Google selects you as a Google Glass purchaser, you still have to pony up $1500 plus tax). Anyone can make their pitch for the Google Glass golden ticket on Twitter or Google+ with the hashtag #ifIhadglass.

Turns out more than a few people want Google Glass. There were many "I would record my day" responses, and a few people who seemed to think Google Glass immediately gives them super powers. Honestly, sifting through some of the responses made me think that if you have an innovative way to use Google Glass (and $1500 to spare) you would have a real shot. Here are some of our favorite pitches:

From Google+ (where the pitches tended to be more serious than twitter):

Anthony Raffini

10:37 AM  -  Public
when and #ifihadglass then I will be a step closer toward my goal of removing my biological limitations. I will use my new abilities to encourage and provoke the #technologicalsingularity . Looking back 20,000 years from now I will credit #googleglass for providing the spark that led to +Ray Kurzweil 's vision.

nick normal

10:36 AM  -  Public

#ifihadglass I would document and socially map the rapidly evolving nature of my neighborhood. From pop-up art events, to natural phenomenon (Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, Superstorm Nemo, etc.), to local development, to social dinners, and beyond. I would like to 'glass the streets' of Long Island City, Queens.


10:23 AM  -  Public
#ifihadglass  I would, using facial recognition and the Mirror API, pan the NYC subway and LIRR collecting occupancy data on my daily commutes. This data would be updated in real time for fellow commuters. Over time this data would be mined for least crowded travel times and most unoccupied cars.


What would you do with Google Glass? And do you even want it? Let us know in the comments.

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