Video: Two Cops Beat Suspect Within An Inch Of His Life With Batons

As one officer tackles the suspect to the ground, punching him in the head, another beats him with a baton, repeatedly, while he lays flat.

In what could qualify as one of the most brutal arrests caught on camera in the recent days, two officers pounded a suspect with batons as he lay flat on the road.

The man, identified as Stanislav Petrov, reportedly led the two deputies on a car chase from San Leandro to San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood in a stolen vehicle.

He then rammed into police cars before knocking down at least one of the cops, before it became a foot-chase, KQED quoted Alameda County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly as saying.

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Petrov can be seen slowing down and surrendering in the video above. However, one officer tackles him to the ground, punching him in the head, while another starts beating him with a baton.

All the while the suspect makes no attempt to resist or retaliate.

“He didn’t pose any threat at that point, and they are clearly using excessive force and trying to seriously hurt him when he was on the ground and subdued,” San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi said of the incident. “I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t be handcuffed and taken into custody.”

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The two deputies, who have not been identified, have reportedly been placed on paid administrative leave.

Petrov was taken to San Francisco General Hospital. Details of his condition are not yet available.

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