Muslims And Jews Unite Under "Two Faiths, One Prayer"

They know they cannot solve the Middle East crisis, but they are surely doing their part to make the world a better place.

In what was a truly remarkable display of religious harmony, a group of Jews and Muslims from California gathered in Los Angeles to pray together for an entire day.

The event was a part of an initiative called Two Faiths, One Prayer by fellows of an interfaith organization, NewGround: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change.

The group of 20 New Ground members joined nearly 60 others and together they took part in five joint prayer sessions in public spaces across the city.

“One of the special things about Muslims and Jews praying side by side in my experience is that I feel connected,” said one of the participants. “There are many times when I’m praying among Jews only, and I don’t feel that.”

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As part of the program, which follows “an eight-month conflict resolution, leadership training and interfaith learning program,” the members have to participate in two weekend retreats during which they learn about each other's customs and histories.

“The experience was profound for both participants and observers,” states the group’s official website. “Those praying expressed a heightened sense of focus and intention in their prayers, and those observing reported a feeling of unity and deep connection. We were surprised by the resonances and sense of ‘call and response’ between the prayers of the two traditions.”

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The members of Two Faiths, One Prayer know they cannot solve the Middle East crisis nor eliminate hatred among people worldwide, but what they can do – and have done – is stand together in prayer and solidarity for “change, hope and divinity.”

You can learn more about the project in the video posted above.

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