These Kids Tried To Rob A Bank With Toy Guns And Got Arrested

Toy guns and an attempted burglary – what are kids into these days?

boys arrested toy guns

Children with (or without) guns just can seem to stop appearing in the news. Earlier this week, two boys, ages 12 and 13, were arrested for an attempted robbery of a bank in Tel Aviv, Israel. They were carrying none other than toy guns.

Although their names have not been released, or why they chose to rob a bank, its been reported via the CCTV footage, that they approached the bank wearing hoodies, backpacks and donning what appeared to be an M-16 rifle. In reality, it was a toy gun.

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According to police reports, they both entered the bank this way and one of them shouted, “this is is a hold up.”  The toy guns evidently looked real enough to cause quite a scare – for both the people in the bank and the youngsters – as they ended up running out of the bank without taking any money because they lost their nerve.

They were identified and later arrested and investigated, which according to lawyer, Gil Gabay was “against legal instructions.”

“I think they should have been treated differently. I don't think they should have been treated like criminals,” he said.

The two young boys await trial for their alleged heist.  Check out the released footage of their alleged crime. 

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