Two Teens Killed By Truck While Lying In The Road To Take A Selfie

Two Turkish teens were run over and killed while lying in the middle of the road, all in the name of "selfie culture."

Two teens were run over and killed by a truck as they were lying in the middle of the road trying to take what would have been an "epic" selfie.

A group of five teenage boys were on a road trip along the south-west coast of Turkey when they stopped by an airport’s perimeter fence to watch the planes.

All five of them decided to lie down and take selfies with one of the planes in the background preparing to land.

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This all reportedly took place after 9 p.m. when it was already dark, so an approaching truck driver didn’t see the boys in the road before he struck two of them with his vehicle.

The other three were able to roll out of the way just in time. Muhammet Bozkurt, 17, and Caglar Savasci, 19, were identified as the victims.

As the three surviving friends were left distraught over their deceased buddies, the truck driver called police. The five of them had been drinking alcohol, according to Mirror.

WARNING: Image below is graphic and may be disturbing to some.


Further investigation of the incident is reportedly underway. 

This tragic accident just goes to show how far "selfie culture" has gone. People are willingly putting their lives in grave danger just for the opportunity to get "likes" on social media. 

Kids are also documenting illegal activity on social media in hopes of getting attention and increasing their number of followers, such as two Missouri teens who were recently arrested for posting a video of themselves sexually assaulting an intoxicated girl. 

Social media is really a catch 22. It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt ... or worse.

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