Two Women Saved From Attack By This Brave Professional Clown

'Doo Doo the International Clown' foiled an attempted sexual assault attack in Toronto.

Underneath the creepy makeup, wig and red nose clowns are people, just like us. Recently, a Tornoto-based clown named “Doo Doo” reminded us of that fact when he turned off his silly persona and saved two women from an attempted sexual assault.

Shane Farberman — Doo Doo’s real name — was reportedly driving through the city with two colleagues when he saw a man jumping up and down on a car. Upon observing the man's strange behavior, Farberman called 911 and followed the man to his car.

As he trailed him, Farberman saw the man take a swipe at two women walking in the opposite direction. “They started walking a little quicker. They obviously knew something was up. And the guy turns around and starts chasing them,” he reportedly told The Toronto Star.

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He didn’t hesitate to intervene, in his clown get-up and all. He reportedly screamed at the women to get into his car.

After a bit of hesitation, the women hopped into Farberman’s black Hummer joining the two other clowns in the backseat. The man who was attempting the assault went after them, but authorities arrived to detain him as he was attacking the vehicle. 

Farberman received a celebratory scroll honoring his bravery along with praising remarks from City Councilman Norm Kelly. “You give an additional definition to the word clown. You weren’t clowning around. You were acting decisively and bravely,” Kelly reportedly said.

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Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @CharlesPulliam 

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