Thousands Flee As Typhoon Koppu Hits Northern Philippines

Amna Shoaib
The storm may have weakened, but heavy rains and strong winds that tail the storm could spell disaster for the Philippines.

Houses submerged, flights grounded and people forced to evacuate all marked the arrival of Super Typhoon Koppu in Philippines.

Koppu made landfall in a remote fishing village in the northeastern Philippines, where it wreaked havoc on houses made from light material. The storm also whipped up coastal surges 4 meters high.

destroyed by Koppu

Fishermen found themselves in hostile waters.

Fishermen have found themselves in hostile

Although the storm has weakened, the government warns that strong winds and heavy showers, coupled with flash floods, are still a danger. 


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Relief operations are already underway around the affected areas, with the government trying to speed up evacuation.