U.N. Security Council Condemns Warship Sinking

"The United Nations formally condemned Friday the sinking of a South Korean warship in March but did not specifically name North Korea, which a multinational probe found culpable in the incident. ""The Security Council deplores the attack,"" the 15-member council said in what is known as a presidential statement. It urged that ""appropriate and peaceful measures be taken against those responsible for the incident aimed at the peaceful settlement of the issue."" It also called for full adherence to the 1953 Korean Armistice Agreement, which ended hostilities in the Korean war. Despite the absence of North Korea's name in the condemnation, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said the message to the communist nation is ""unmistakable."" ""This statement is notable and it is clear,"" Rice said after its approval at a Friday morning session. ""It uses the term 'attack' repeatedly, which you don't have to be a scholar of the English language to understand is not a neutral term."""