U.S. Says Clunkers Program Will End On Monday

"The federal government, acknowledging that the ""Cash for Clunkers"" program was running out of money, declared it a success Thursday and killed it off, effective 8 p.m. Monday. After just a week, the program, which began July 24 and was expected to last until as late as Nov. 1, ran out of the $1 billion originally appropriated by Congress. An additional $2 billion was approved two weeks ago, and it was supposed to last until Labor Day. Now thats almost gone, too. In his radio address on Thursday, President Obama said the program, designed to stimulate auto sales and production and get gas guzzlers off the road, had ""been successful beyond anybodys imagination. And were now slightly victims of success because the thing happened so quick, there was so much more demand than anybody expected, that dealers were overwhelmed with applications."" "