Uber May Not Lose Too Many Customers – Thanks To Another App

Using Uber could become a bit more effective, for those who are weary of its fluctuating prices.

While Uber, the on-demand transport service app, has been no stranger to criticism for its fluctuating pricing rates – the company that describes itself as “Everyone's Private Driver” may be losing customers.

The reason for these changes in attitude toward a company that has grown to operate internationally across 40 countries, is that its “dynamic pricing” have led to an increasing number of dissatisfied customers.

This Halloween, one customer ended up with a $362 charge for a 20-minute ride. (just a brief description of the woman maybe?)

Moreover, it’s been reported that more clients end up shocked with what they are charged – after the services have been delivered.

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Uber has claimed that such prices are the result of supply and demand. “You want supply to always be full, and you use price to basically either bring more supply on or get more supply off, or get more demand in the system or get some demand out,” said CEO Travis Kalanick.

The good news is there is another app out called SurgeProtector which taps into Uber to find the cheapest option for Uber’s customers. So customers would be able to call upon Uber’s services from a more affordable location and can plan accordingly.

And even better is that so far, Uber seems to be willing to deal with this problem, despite their rather silly tips for New Years Eve. They have introduced a method in which customers must confirm they accept the surge prices before taking the ride, essentially notifying them of hiked prices.

So hopefully with these changes, there will be better informed Uber customers. However, given the expected high demand of the service during the upcoming holiday season, it would be realistic to expect to pay large sums. But still, in light of the events people are likely to be commuting to, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry if you’re trying to avoid drunk driving.

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