Uber Passenger Sues for $2M Over Alleged Stabbing

An Uber passenger is suing the company for allegedly being stabbed by one of Uber's drivers.

Uber Passenger Sues

A District of Columbia man is suing Uber for $2 million, claiming his driver stabbed him multiple times.

In September 2013, Erik Search used Uber with his friends. Search says his driver Yohannes Deresse, acted “erratically” so he and his friends got out of the car. Deresse allegedly followed them and when Search asked him to leave them alone, Deresse pulled out a knife and stabbed him six times.

Court documents reveal the fight was captured on surveillance camera. Search sustained two puncture wounds to his chest and a severe cut on his bicep.

Deresse was charged for assault, but the judge dismissed the case “for want of prosecution.”

Search originally sued in D.C Superior Court last year, but Uber moved the case to the federal court on Friday. Neither party has commented on the case.

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