UCSD Art Students Required To Strip Naked To Pass Final

A mother is outraged her daughter will have to stand naked in front of class or risk failing the semester.

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A UC San Diego professor is under fire after an outraged mother learns her daughter will have to stand in front of the whole class naked or otherwise fail the semester.

Associate Professor Ricardo Dominguez’s Performing the Self class is an upper-division elective requiring students to stand naked in a dark, candle-lit room cultivating a series of gestures that “speaks about your 'erotic self(s).'” The professor even joins in the naked interpretive dance, stripping down alongside his students. If students are uncomfortable with this, they can either do something "emotionally naked" or simply not take the course. Most students, however, choose to just bare it all because this is college so YOLO.

“To blanket say you must be naked in order to pass my class… It makes me sick to my stomach,” the anonymous mother told ABC 10 News. She accused Dominguez of “perversity” and said there was no mention of the radical assignment until right before the final.

Dominguez countered the mother’s statements saying students are made fully aware of the requirement in the beginning of the class – it’s in the syllabus (point in case why you should always, always read the syllabus).

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Commenters on Facebook have ranged from expressing their utter disgust at the assumed inappropriateness of the requirement. While other users have noted that equating nudity with sexuality is inaccurate, although mainstream American culture always conflates the two. Frankly, the course is for students over 18 years old and totally optional (you don’t need it to graduate), plus in his 11 years teaching the course Dominguez has never once received a complaint. While most people would consider standing naked in front of class their worst nightmare turned reality, these are art students so testing the boundaries of “weird” is totally their thing. And it’s college. Everyone experiments in college.

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